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The Class:
Nazzery - exManager
Jorene Chong - the Manager
Sahirul Aidil - her ASST
Tan Shi Wei - their secretary
Benson Ma - Rocky2,Ex-Shark
Wong Chee Wai- Big Shark
John Pang - general BOY
Lee Chien Chen - chennA
Tan Zhen Wen - the CHEMIST
Eugene Ang - the Physicist
Ahmad - numberS
Lim Yi Yong - pW! + BRAINY
Houng Jun - Rocky
Fadilah and Nicholas - the FITASSes
Chung Jie Ming - CIP
Joel Ding - IT rep!
Hazel Pah - Events Coordinator
HEEHEEyang - sleeping KING
Hannah - anime QUEEN
Jeffrey Lau - teckwhye Ambassador
Darren Smith - AngMO rep
Nadia - oh my GAWD
William - small SHARK


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7th SC

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Saturday, 5 January 2008
i bet no one will read this already.
no one will pass by this blog anymore.

haha...just feel like posting some things here.
LOL...its just the AAA. (attract-attention-aidil.)

btw, anyone misses mdm lin's naggings??
i somehow do miss them. its sooo much better than all the shoutings from my instructors in NS.

and...we NSmen will be receiving our pay next weekend(12th)!!
maybe can meet up. LOL.
but no treat from me. maybe from the other guys. or those who are working already.
sorry pay have to use for smthing else...besides..its only a pathetic $400 for a first pay.

but, will anyone be reading this before the day comes?
anything call me yea?

btw, my cousin(who is also in PJ) said that one of her teachers told her that A's results may be released before CNY.

see you soon ppl!
miss you all!


Monday, 19 November 2007

Haha, wanna share some of my precious thoughts 2day, suddenly, at this kinda time whn i sld be slping -_-". haha.
Erm, being in the same class with u bunch of ppl was really really interesting.
Unforgettable i can say. Experienced really really different things and emotions from day to day. Think u guys feel the same too huh? :).
Disagreements, unhappiness, fun, madness, friendship, as well as classroom soccer sessions, think we'v experienced them all. It will stick with me for the journey thru my life. Knowing all of u "discriminations to mankind" was truely great :).
Sry to be MIA n nt ard(esp during class pic taking!!!) most of the time.
But looking thru the photos on the blog really made me happy(n regretful tt i wasn't thr for some of them T_T)!
Guess we'r gonna head toward many different destinations from now on. U guys, all of u, have my deepest and greatest wishes with u. :)

Cheers, member of the unforgettable class pjc 06S25 :)
-BENSON :):):)


Friday, 12 October 2007

i dont know if anyone still reads this.
just wanna say, i will definitely miss being in class with you all.
rock on!

shall put some pics here...

the chairperson and vice chairperson.

the treasurers

the reps..

eh eh...can someone help me send the tutors their photos (like TBJ, jasmine tan and mdm lin cos they asked for it)?
i dont quite rmb their email add.

-the obvious person that will blog here.


Friday, 21 September 2007 prelims are over.
enjoy these five (left with four) more days before teachers throw results back at us.
be it good or bad, just remember, we still have to move on.
the thing to really score is our A's.
and we still have about a month to work on it.
it may not be alot of time, but its will be about how you use your time.
for these four days, play a lil bit, enjoy, have fun, let loose.
and after that, we shall all mug hard and study smart.
we can and we will score our A's.

all the best people!

-your vice chairman. (i only have about one more month to say that im your


Wednesday, 29 August 2007

hey peeps!!!!!

PRELIM is here!!! all the best to us!!! we shall ACE it! lol. hopefully. =)

may God be with us.


haha. crazy me!

eh, dont let this blog die leh. sad case eh.

okok. mug aite! stay healthy n stress free!



Thursday, 19 July 2007


Monday 23rd July 2007


Quantum, Laser/semi



Wednesday, 18 July 2007